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Dianne Sommerfeld

Dianne has been a lifelong horsewoman. She discovered her passion for horses at the age of 8.  Dianne has been training her own horses and then clients horses for over 35 years.

She moved to California in 1977 to work with some of California's Bridle Horse greats.  Dianne has always incorporated the principles of Cowboy Dressage in her training method which she calls the 3D CORE System.

"Our 3D Core training system is a comprehensive method for Developing the horse in Degrees to create the 3 Dimensional or all around, well broke horse. A horse that is developed with longevity in mind." -Dianne Sommerfeld

Dianne doesn't just train horses, Dianne teaches people how to train their own horses so that they know how to fix problems as they arise. Dianne will explain why the horse is doing what it's doing and how to address it so that the horse understands what is being asked. She calls it "Using the language of the horse".

Dianne excels in helping riders overcome problems by using unique trouble shooting techniques that help riders and their horses perform to the best of their abilities whether at home or in the show pen, and especially in the art of Reining and Cowboy Dressage.

Dianne also runs a successful working student program and through Dianne's excellent communication skills many of her working students have gone on to become professionals in the industry.

Dianne is known as "The Trainer's Trainer" although she can work with any level of rider.