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Several testimonials from our clients.

SAFER: Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue is so very grateful for the time Diane has dedicated to helping us with a couple of abused horses with uncertain futures. Her skills are prodigious and for us - lifesaving. I recommend her to anyone whose horse has difficult habits that need a humane and gifted trainer. She is one in a million.

Kate Sullivan - Founder of Safer

I learned about 3D Performance Horse through a rescue organization. I saw some horses that could not be approached much less ridden become well rounded, confident and happy under Dianne's care and training. I have a barn full of rescues and was ready to enter my Sweet Mocha Man into her program. Mocha is a five year old quarter horse that came from a rescue organization. He was very distracted on the ground and in the saddle. He would try to buck at times and certainly did not know how to move forward, bend or carry his rider. I had him with another trainer for a little over 60 days but saw very little results. I have to admit I was skeptical only because of the trainers I have worked with in the past that promised everything and delivered nothing.                                                                                     
Within the first thirty days I saw a tremendous change in Mocha. His eye was calm, he seemed content and fulfilled. Under saddle he was becoming more focused and balanced as he carried his rider.
After two months the changes seemed to settle deeper into who Mocha was becoming. It was as if she was reprogramming him from the inside out. I could tell these changes would be a part of him rather than a "quick fix".
The three month mark was remarkable, I watched as Anne (her co-trainer) schooled Mocha under saddle. She made everything look effortless and truly beautiful! Mocha still tried some little tricks but when corrected he usually stopped. Serious changes! From having to be lunged for at least thirty minutes and a lot of bucking on the lunge line to being able to take him out of his stall, tack and ride with very minimal behavioral issues. BEAUTIFUL!! Month Four seemed to me to be a bit more refining on the skills he was learning. He was learning to carry his body and rider in balance at all gaits. Truly remarkable changes that changed how Mocha saw the world. Calm, silly, focused, athletic and fun to be with would be my description of him. I have had him home for four days now, I have ridden him twice and he is beautiful to ride! I feel confidence, balance, focus and willingness under saddle and on the ground. He has become respectful, responsive and knows his boundaries even though he try's to push the envelope at times.
I still have two boys and one of them a special case that will go into Dianne's capable and amazing hands once funds are raised to give this special boy a good foundation.
3D Performance Horse has been a refreshing experience after a few less than great trainers passed through my barn. Words can not express how thankful I am to have met Dianne and her beautiful team. Anne is absolutely beautiful horsewoman and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!!

Take Care,

Jenny Alphin
Hoof Beats

I had my quarter horse gelding Sunny in training with Dianne Sommerfeld of 3 D Performance horses for 90 days and he under went a complete transformation. He had been ridden roughly and inconsistently by his previous owner and had become very nervous and tense under saddle. He had a sour, unwilling attitude and wanted to gallop around strung out when ridden. Underneath he was still a good horse that wants to please and Dianne was able to bring this out in him. He is now relaxed, smooth and happy to do his job. He is responsive and has great transitions and I couldn't be happier. I look forward to continuing to work with 3 D Performance Horses.

Emily Pearson



Leane Kelly"I brought my 3 year old arab X toDianne and Justine for training last fall. He had a rough start in life and was so afraid and hypersensitive. He had already injured himself on our property because he was always overreacting to any movement or noise. After several months in training with Justine, Chance is now the greatest horse. He just turned 4 and I take him out for rides in our country neighborhood, on mountain trails, and in the arena. He is calm, relaxed, responds to my cues, and is perfectly comfortable around dogs, cars, machinery, other horses, and new people. Last weekend we were on a ride, loping down a country road, and a huge black dog rushed out at us, straight up to Chance from the side, and tried to bite my foot. Chance did not bolt, or even spook,, Honestly, he was totally calm amd kept me completely safe. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't experiencing it for myself. Thank you Justine and Dianne!" Leanna Kelly
"I brought a disrespectful, troubled, untrustworthy bronc that had scared off two male trainers to 3D Performance Horses. I now have a broke, respectful, reliable, obedient reined cow horse in progress. Currently I have my new horse, which I purchased from Dianne and Justine in training with them. Again the progress is awesome" -Suzanne M. Genazzi

"I was concerned with finding the right trainer for my 2 fillies. It was important to have both fillies with the same trainer (for my convenience) but I was a little worried because the fillies are so different, Promise is bold and pushy, while Rosie was timid and shy. I really worried for Rosie because I did not want her pushed too hard and fast that she would not gain any confidence and become even more timid (I went through this with another horse – not fun). When I contacted Diane Summerfled by phone, she said everything I wanted to hear, but, could 3D Performances produce the results I wanted? I felt comfortable enough to give them a try.

Since delivering my 2 year olds to Diane and Justine I have not looked back! They have just blossomed under Diane & Justine's instruction! I am realizing a dream I have had for a long time, two well broke and well-mannered horses that I can enjoy for many years to come. And I am even getting a bonus! Justine has worked so well with Rosie, my now confident little horse, that they will be headed to a couple of futurities this year! I never DREAMED of this!!! This whole experience has been all positive and I am very, very, fortunate to have 3D Performance Horses training my fillies and I highly recommend them!" -Carmen Byrd


"Selling your horse is not always under the happiest of circumstances. Dianne and Justine helped me to do it and made it as painless as possible. From the first phone call until the end, they were up front, matter of fact, and professional. I didn't even have the time to take my horse to them - they arranged for transportation by another courteous horsewoman who also made everything easy.

The whole team was prompt in returning calls or e-mails, which was actually a problem with other people in the same business. I trusted their judgement and relied on their contacts to get the job done - my horse placed with someone who would appreciate and care for him. They did it for me and were upbeat throughout the whole process, which was really important in my case since I was sad about having to sell my gelding.

Thanks for gently pulling me through, and for being understanding."

Best Wishes, Catherine in Alamo


"We recently purchased a registered Paint gelding from Diane and Justine at 3D Horse Training. Our dealings with them were a pleasure. We found them to be very professional and they were courteous and honest with us. Diane and Justine were very helpful both before and after the sale which we as fairly new "horse people" appreciated greatly. They followed through on every promise and were genuinely concerned with Bunz's transition to his new home.

Bunzie is an exceptional horse. He is level headed and bombproof. He will go anywhere and do anything asked of him. His calmness and confidence helps our other horses overcome any insecurity they feel when encountering something new. He is an absolute pleasure to ride. We are very comfortable recommending any prospective clients to use 3D Horse Training."

Patrick & Lorna O'Connor